Make Empty Symbol "Invisible" in Viewport

Maybe it sounds a bit confusing but is there a way to make the empty pivot icon ( my case the plain Axes symbol)
invisble in the viewport or above a certain distance. The empty is a result of a linked in File, which has far as i know alway has the empty. I know to make the size of the symbol very small but i need it kind of nothing as i have a very huge 3d environment with lots of Lod´s. I run in big problems if i see all the “not yet rendered” game models but ALL the emptys of them, hope you know what i talk about.

Found nothing in the preferences like this.

Would be great if you guys could help me

Bye Pascherik

Ummmm set visibility useing logic bricks

There are two icons in the outliner window that control viewport visibility and rendered visibility. The eyeball is the one you need.

Wait, is that… a screenshot of a screenshot?

Why do you want to make them invisible?

You mean this ?

LOL, guilty as charged.

If you ever want to see what the viewport will look like in game without pressing “p” you can choose only render from the side menu.