Make eyebrows

I have imported in Blender a makehuman model (MHX) that contains only the skin UV, and I want to make hair and eyebrows. My most difficult part is the eyebrows. When I activate a particule “Hair”, when I Add eyebrows in the Particule Mode view, when my eyebrows are done, I can’t figure how I can color them… my eyebrows still white. Do I need to link them to a Vertex group? I just can’t figure how to do this part…

First add a new material slot in the material panel and note it’s number. For instance, lets say you have only one material, that will be slot number one. If you add another material after that, that will be slot two and so on. Now in the particle setting under render you will have a material option with a number.(1 by default) That number is the material slot number, simply pick the material you made for the hair and it should be rendered as such. You also might want to use a texture to create more diverse coloration.

great, it working !

thank you Nivos by the way!

No problem