Make Face/Edge

Hello I have a noob question that I haven’t figured out following some tutorials.

I’m using 2.5 - With the default cube for a new file I select a face and subdivide it, then delete the middle vertex of the face. So the face is removed, but I can’t figure out how to re-add it? I have selected all the edges around the face I want to create and doing Mesh > Faces > Make Face/Edge (FKEY) but nothing seems to happen. Also I tried switching to vertex select mode and then tried the same thing but the face wasn’t created, not sure what I’m doing wrong…

I can SHIFT-RMB all the edges for the new face I want but I can’t get it to create the new face when I go to Mesh > Faces > Make Face/Edge

Blender can only make faces with 3 or 4 edges. If you select more than 4 vertices to make a face it can’t do it. Try Alt+F (from memory this is fill, just check in the menus) or select them all, E for extrude, S for scale and 0, then remove doubles (W / remove doubles)