Make face (from 2d) not working?

Perhaps I’ve just forgotten how to do this, as it’s been some time since I’ve used blender. However, it seems that somethings weird when converting 2d objects to 3d.

No matter what I do, I keep getting this error:
“Can’t make segment”

So as a simple test:

  • Create a new project
  • Delete existing objects
  • Add -> Curve -> Bezier Circle
  • SHIFT+F “Can’t make segment”
  • C (try opening and/or closing object)
  • SHIFT+F “Can’t make segment”

Is there a step in here I’ve forgotten. Any clues? The idea is to create basic 2d “cookie cutter” objects. make faces on them, and/or extrude them to combine or cut out other objects… but I can’t seem to “objectize” them in order to extrude, etc.


Welcome to the forums!

When yo add a bezier circle, it is already closed, so f or c have no effect. When editing a curve object, f will connect 2 selected control points, unless they are the last 2 not connected (generally speaking). The last 2 un-connected points are closed with c.

Try your same procedure with a bezier curve. Ad the curve, the while still in edit mode, press c to close it.

Now as far as creating a 3d object out of a bezier circle, add the circle, then in the curve and surface panel, increase the extrude value.

Hope this helps!