Make falling objects stick to collision surface after first hit

Hi, I am trying to populate a sloped installation with people. Since I need a very approximate but quick job it’s ok to have people flying around quite a bit.
I tried to populate with a particle system on the surface directly but I get lots of duplication on the same spot and lots of people inside the surface that I neeed to show case.
To avoid this problem I used the same particle system on a flat plane and thought that I could have the people fall and stick above that surface. I can make them fall, but not stick. Any suggestions?

Surface that I need to populate:

Crowd simulated on a flat plane:

Falling test with person bouncing away:

Many thanks!

What if you took your existing flat plane, with all the people on it, and turned it into cloth and dropped it over the terrain? After it comes to rest, apply the modifier to lock in the conformed shape.
28_ap_cloth_drop_particle_conform.blend (4.2 MB)

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Hi Atom, thanks for the reply. I like your idea I might give it a try later. One question: how is that different from using the terrain as an emitter?
Just out of the spur of the moment: Maybe I could shrinkwrap the plane on top of the terrain to keep a fixed distance between my figures and the terrain…or maybe even solidify and use the solidified plane as an emitting surface.
Great advice, many thanks :slight_smile:


You can totally do it using a particle system with hair emiter, and object as rendered particules should be the perfect way.
For your density problem, you can fully choose where people will be created with weight painting on the plane ! :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Here is an example :

See you :slight_smile: ++

One question: how is that different from using the terrain as an emitter?

Not much difference if the topology between the grid and terrain is the same. If you want the same exact layout, using the flat grid might achieve that. Applying the same particle system to a new mesh might change the layout.

That’s brilliant!