Make fluid move an object?

I’m currently working on the stereotypical flood of basic city, and I was wonder if there is a way to make the fluid move or tear apart a building when it comes in contact with it? And if there is, how? Or what settings do I use. I’ve been using blender for a while but I’ve never gotten around to fluid… or smoke that much for that matter. Anyway, any help you have is helpful! Thanks!

So to break it down here’s the sequence I want to simulate:

  1. Fluid comes in
  2. Fluid Hits Buildings
  3. Fluid moves objects like cars, shacks, etc
  4. Fluid Tears down small house or building

I know what kind of render time’s I’m looking at here if this is even possible. :spin:

Hmm the only thing I’ve tried is to simulate the fluid, then make the objects moveable (via rigid soft bodies) bake the object motion and then re simulate the fluid.

The fluid simulation exerts no force on obstacles so you’ll have to fake it.

May be you can use Ocean Modifier?

i don’t know much about it but maybe using the game engine would work for what you want. i think i would do some experimenting with it. at least check the bge tutorials to get the basics.

again, not sure if it will work but i’d be happy if you could tell me if you get it to. i’ll need something similar when the river god, Zoar or Retaw (whichever name I decide on lol) reeks havoc on my kingdom. :wink:

not sure what happened so this may be a sort of duplicate.

you could try using the game engine to make it work. don’t know if it will but the game engine does have the ability to do collisions.

thanks for the help guys! i’ll give it a go and see what i can find out.

What happened, you ever get something we can see?

Wanna know more about this too :slight_smile: Do you get it to work?

just a test using the same technique as in this tutorial but with a shrinkwrap modifier instead of softbody