Make full nobuild to get a vs2017 dont work

hi all,
i tried to get a vs2017 from blender with " make full nobuild " but i get the following message.


VS 2017 community is installed…i dont get it whta this means.
Any help is welcome

  1. Create a folder to store your source code
    assume your chosen folder is C:\blender-git
    but you can call it how you want

  2. cd C:\blender-git

  3. Download Sources and Libraries

    svn checkout lib/win64_vc14
    svn checkout lib/windows_vc14`
  4. Download the Blender source code

    cd C:\blender-git
    git clone git://
    cd blender
    git submodule update --init --recursive
    git submodule foreach git checkout master
    git submodule foreach git pull --rebase origin master
  5. Building from within the Visual Studio IDE

    cd C:\blender-git\blender
    make full nobuild
  6. if you want to customize your build, (ie select a visual studio version, platform architecture, of blender feature set) you can get a list of customizable options by typing

    make help
Convenience targets
	- release (identical to the official builds)
	- full (same as release minus the cuda kernels)
	- lite
	- headless
	- cycles
	- bpy

Utilities (not associated with building)
    - clean (Target must be set)
    - update
    - nobuild (only generate project files)
    - showhash (Show git hashes of source tree)

Configuration options
	- verbose (enable diagnostic output during configuration)
	- with_tests (enable building unit tests)
	- noge (disable building game engine and player)
	- debug (Build an unoptimized debuggable build)
	- packagename [newname] (override default cpack package name)
	- buildir [newdir] (override default build folder)
	- x86 (override host auto-detect and build 32 bit code)
	- x64 (override host auto-detect and build 64 bit code)
	- 2017 (build with visual studio 2017)
	- 2017pre (build with visual studio 2017 pre-release)
	- 2017b (build with visual studio 2017 Build Tools)

Experimental options
	- 2015 (build with visual studio 2015)
	- clang (enable building with clang)
	- asan (enable asan when building with clang)
	- ninja (enable building with ninja instead of msbuild)
  1. Once the batch file finishes it should tell you where the project files have been written, for example:

    -- Build files have been written to: c:/blender-git/build_windows_Full_x64_vc14_Release

this is not very clear to me because it does not tell you how to build for a specific architecture, it does not tell you how to build for cross platforms, for example it is assumed that you are in windows, but it does not say how to compile for linux from windows.

I’m not clear either because it does not tell you that you have to check out if you’re working in another branch

Once opened it’s very important the following steps are taken:

    1. In the solution explorer find the ‘Blender’ project (it’s not the top node, should be somewhere 3/4th down the projects list) , right click it and select ‘Set As StartUp Project’
    1. In the solution explorer find the ‘INSTALL’ project, right click it and select ‘Build’ this will copy all the required files the the blender output folder. NOTE: This needs to be done atleast once for every solution configuration, ie: if you switch from Debug to Release configuration you need to redo this step.

Once these settings are done, you can work with the code as usual in visual studio.

and tell you that this 3/4 of the folder hahaha is c r a p, and if my folder for some reason is larger than expected? you never know what the fuck is going to happen with a pc, they are not perfect, otherwise they would build applications for themselves just listening to us talk about what we want to do

if you have any questions, look for me, I walk around here occasionally and in discord I’m all day