Make fun of yourself!!!

Hey all,
Was just wondering who could come up with the best insulting parody of their own nic, might get heated if we parodied our Blender brother’z and sister’z nics hehe :wink:

I’ll go first:

Bapsis = Batpiss :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I really tried to come up with a funny variation for my name, but I couldn’t :frowning: So if anyone else comes up with a good variation on my name, feel free to let loose with it! :slight_smile:

I wonder if Bapsis is the only one with a funny alternative name? :stuck_out_tongue:


gay-man (not that gay people are bad)

… i dunno, its my last name… any ideas?

NEO… ummmmm i dunno, any1?

Damn NEO, that Ogre is looking really good with some eyes! :slight_smile:

have fun trying to do something to mine!


Everyones always messing my last name, Casto, up for Castro


Stephen2002: Stephen 2002: A space oddity
(I actually like that one :))

Goofster: well…uhmm…goofster is ALREADY a parody it seems :slight_smile:


BgDM, well now, there is an odd one :-? how about bGdm :wink:


ScottishPig… hmm… perhaps…

Scot’s-TissuePaper-for-pigs… that’s not funny though, so we’ll go with:

BTW: --No pics in sigs.

Well some people say my name can morph magically into rivenwandererererer when the typo demons invade their keyboards…

Let’s see,



or maybe

meseeagate :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t register to one website, using my default nick because there is an “ass” in “basse”.


haha basse are u serious? i guess u couldnt register hellicopter, or hello, or shitzel, or anything cool huh? lol… heavenocopter! heavenoh!