Make Game Button

Since i see a lot of people saying they would like a button that does this for blender and everyone says that it is impossible, and that it will never happen…
Well Ive got news for you… the 3D gammaker. the new version…
Check it out here…
So IT IS Possible…:eek::D:yes::spin::ba:

O… M… F…G!!! That the most awesome things I’ve seen in my life… I must be dreaming… Maybe there’s a catch… no it cant be only 40$!! O.o!!!

You too can throw together presets! Or have a random number generator throw them together for you!! What fun!!! Sheesh, gimme a break.

I can see why it’s so popular. :o

I know isnt it friggin hilarious!! I thought you guys might like that!!

we can point all the people that ask for something like that to there…LOLOLOLOLOL

p.s. but wheres the fun in it doing all the work for you???

Though you have to admit… it is quite interesting…

I personally liked this line a lot too

Add wings, wheels or legs to any player object to create a game that’s unique and different.

it’s like that mii crap or whatever: create “unique” stuff from limited presets! we can assure you that your game will look almost exactly the same as any other given one made with this engine!

In my opinion, the game creators pretty much suck…

This was released quite some time ago, If I am not mistaken it is built upon the genesis game engine.

Why would anyone want this? Isn’t the whole point of the hobby that you actually make something? If you have a “make game” button, you can’t really claim to have created anything.

I still like realityfactory based on Genesis. you can knock together a stupid shoot-em-up in five minutes…and its free ( and I believe the next version (due 2010) is going to be based on Ogre!)

I agree with the fact it takes all the fun out of “making a game” but the fact someone actually made this…Is interesting to the point as whats to become of the industry, or the dudes that make the games in the first place… WHAT IF, they get way better at what it is they have… OH DEAR…

You click a button and a game appears? Maybe you buy this just so you dont have to keep buying different games.

except, I have a feeling that all the games are essentially the same, or just slightly randomly varied versions of a few pre-made games. And you can be pretty sure that none of them will be very cohesive or fun- probably just a mish-mash of “silly graphics”.

I guess one good thing about being able to make games quickly is you can try out silly ideas without having to commit a lot of time to it. Making a random game does seem a bit - random though

WHAT IF, they get way better at what it is they have… OH DEAR…

Don’t worry. Games made with a random engine would be complete crap. it takes more than a random character, a few similar levels and a storyline about a samurai who fights flowers to save a flying banana to make it anywhere in the industry. Gamers are more picky than they seem, and wont stand for games like that. besides, after three game are made with that “engine”(if you can call it that) people will get bored with the same old stuff and stop buying them. Some of my friends complain because games don’t have stuff that can even be done yet in a GE, ( i even had one say “the physics in Half-life 2 are still pretty bad for a game these days”) !?!?!?!?!?!??!:eek:

“the physics in Half-life 2 are still pretty bad for a game these days”
well, they are. just look at, say, RL. perfect softbody and rigid body physics allowing billions upon billions of objects at once, real-time fluid sims, and even realistic gas dynamics. I’d say that the havok engine pales in comparison. ^^

Screw Game Makers! Blender All The Way! Am Game Dev Shalt Never Die To This Lame Rip-off!!!