make hair

the script is almost ready! Really the interface is still approximate, a little bit Italian a little bit English and not automatized, but he helped us to understand if the script worked… Now the script is in the make up division (cleaning of the script and interface). Soon will made public. Here the first images

here more images and information

:o that is realy cool! i guess i can abort my hair script now… :smiley:

one question:
It kind of looks like each hair is modeled. (atomaticly, not manualy) I personaly think the card methode is easier to animate and takes less system resources. Eather way, GREAT JOB!

I can’t wait! (well, actualy i have to wait, because even if i couldent i cant get the script any earlier than it is released…)

WOW, i can’t wait.

excellent work that is really coming along nicely

Looks really good, cannot wait to see it in action.

Awsome!!! I have been waiting for something like this for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time. (Quite franky for a short film :wink: .) keep it up :smiley: :smiley:

Just for a second I thought the first picture was real, that looks amazing, Well Done!


My best guess that you used edges and hust did edge rendering? None of the less a very anticipated tool, thanks

thanks to all, and before all sorry for my english

yes the hairs in this images are modelled, but the script allow to use a “card similar” method, very speed to render.

no, the hair is not edges, everyone hair is a very thin cylinder

can the hair be easily animated? and will ratracing detect it?

the hairs are mesh therefore could be animated,
and yes, they have been traced by the ray tracer
more images and news here

Gillan Maybe have that option? Since Blender 2.37 none faces edges now render (to bad there is no way to ctrol its thickness) It it would also be helpful again export to a renderman renderer ^_- if ya used curves heehehe…

enough of the reference pics, where are the screenshots for your script? :wink:

the edges not have a good specular render

renderman? [>] [>] [>] [>] [>] [>]

We should ask to ton to implement some kind of hair primitive,in this way the renderer should be fast,for me the best way should the ability to render directly curves,but ton is busy…

one thign that could work is if the Edge Renderign technology in the Render options was reworked so that each object could define its own edge and color rendering, problem no specular lighting.

just a thought though.

Shouldn’t this be posted in the News and Chat thread as well ?

hmm I’m not really sure :expressionless: Maybe the Blender Python and Plugins should be in a separate forum from Q&A?

Nooo leave it were it is, we all know its here, and of couse cross posting is not allowed! :smiley:


One Question? :wink: How do you control the individual clumps of hair? Like VColours in Ripsting’s