Make Human 1.1.1 + Blender 2.79 + BVH animation HELP NEEDED

Dear all,

This is my first post and I 'm already desperate… For my work I need to do a human animation (something really realistic) and I thought the fastest and easiest way to get it would be doing a human in Makehuman, apply materials and textures with Blender and then to use BVH animation to apply some movement on it. All the tutorials I have checked were for previous version , I have tried to add the previous add’on for MakeWalk and I have used also the 1.0.2 version of makehuman to try to get the MHX format. Even with that, it seems there is no way to load the BVH file and make it target with skeleton from Makehuman. Some of you know the way to do it? I have tried 100 different options and there is no way to get it.

Thank you for your time.

I reply myself… I followed all the steps in the tutorial but I was using a wrong BVH file (in the tutorial was written that those files were giving issues). My fault, we can close this topic.