Make Human closeup skin/lip sync

My use of real skin on a Make Human. Thanks to little Brittney the waitress at One eyed Lizzys in Savannah Georgia for the use of her skin. Most of my time was put into the skin, blinking and brow movment. I only worked on the actuall head movement for about a minute, so Fays head is a little robotic but I think this should get the idea across to Newbies like me. Its not terribly difficult to do this. I would never attempt this without useing real skin. Way to hard to duplicate…I value your opinion…and need them…Thanks…Jeff See if you can figure out what movie this is from…Unfortunatly it runs like crap on youtube…
if this link goes knowhere go to youtube…then blender lip sync…should be the one on top…look for sharkshack1234

looks good. it seemed like the tongue was just moving up and down. i guess that okay, if your trying for a more realistic effect, sometimes the tongue goes backwards and and other times you dont see it because the lips close in to make certain sounds.

but farrrrr better then what i could do :smiley:

Suggested reading:
“Stop Staring - Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right” by Jason Osipa.
Very useful book indeed.

Coming from a classical animation background (The Animators Suvival Kit) the author actually says that you should never show the tounge moving during speech since it looks odd to the observer. You decide when to show it and when not but don’t move it it just looks odd and unbelievable. Just my 2cts.

Thanks everyone…Lesson learned…Don’t get excited and post stuff…even if its your first attempt. I was so concerned about hitting the “T” and others that I over worked it. I have some great stuff to post. Make Human in a real world. Its so much work. Shooting stuff in your bedroom is so much work. The lighting is impossible. Anyway, I’m a good writer. I wish I did not have to do everything myself. Very time consuming. Look for a post in a couple of weeks and thanks once again…Jeff

if you have any kind of a webcam or camera that can take a movie, film yourself saying those lines. You might even tape on a tracking mocap marker or two, to see how the face deforms when speaking.