Make Human: Help! Modelers Needed

Make Human is coming along in leaps & bounds.
Currently they are seeking modelers to help their existing team.
The existing team is quite busy with preparations for the next release.
Pushed for resources, this is a call for dedicated, efficient modelers,
to help creating morph targets.
here, from the site:

The code and the GUI are almost ready. It is likely that the basic features (but not the new pose engine) will be completed for the end of September.
The precise release date will be very dependent upon the time it takes to create the new targets database.
In particular, the ethnicity database will need a lot of models. At the moment, because of a series of extra tasks, our 3D artists are very very busy, so there is the danger that it could take them months to complete this new database. To avoid this, we need help from the open source community. If you are a skilled artist, or you know a skilled artist please help us

So there you go.
Could be a great opportunity for some.
please help if you can.

Make Human has long held a strong association with Blender.
Love it or not, it can be a valuable tool & a great asset in your Open Source toolkit.
In the future (2.5 ish) it is planned to have Make Human as a powerful standalone program & also as a plugin again for Blender.
From what I read, plans include full support for Blender Import formats.
That means Fully Rigged/Textured Characters in Blender.
Plans also to run MH directly as a plugin.
That means your creating the model in MH whilst you are working/viewing setting Shape keys! in Blenders 3d view.
Support also for Blender’s .blend format is also mentioned.

So Blender may have a Character Studio of it’s own.

YAY team @ Make Human.

This is a very worthwhile project & really deserves support from this community too.
Good Luck!

You kidding?
This would leave character studio for dead!

I’ve already used make human on a couple of jobs where the time limit was too tight to model from scratch.

Unfortunately I don’t feel I have the skills to save more of their time than I waste, so I guess the next best thing is to donate.

no, I’m not kidding.
It is possible & being worked on.
Because MH is Python based, MH can be compiled as a Module to be called by Blender.
Similar to how the new Yafaray works.
It is still a way to go with both Blender & MH dev.
I am sure they would appreciate any help.

I wish I could help, but I can’t afford to spend the time on the project at moment. I too am a big MH fan, it appears that I cannot go a month without using this fine program.

Thanks kbot.
I am also a big fan!
There are some good renders in their gallery now. (in the forum)

I see also the call for help is on Blender Nation now.
Good one.
It’s great to see Blender users support Make Human.

I have used MakeHuman several times, good luck with your help request!