make human help!!!

where ever i try to run the script and i load the base.mesh fileit still wants me to load the base.mesh file

OS and version of MH and Blender please?

I think there’s a MH INI file somewhere, perhaps should you open it and try to set the path to the base.mesh manually. Perhaps even MH doesn’t have the rights for writing in this INI file, so you must load the base.mesh each time, the path is not stored.

You can also post your question in the forums of the MH project. Please check

Hope this helps, even a little

winxp, MH1.8a i find no ini file

I have that same problem I just ingored it and trying to create humans instead of using make human.

do a file search for “makehuman.ini”
open it and change the path to your makehuman path
c:\programfiles\makehuman\ (or whatever)

i did a file search and there is no makehuman.ini

oh, I know what the problem is!
Download a disrtibution of linux. And just install over your Win xp instalation. :slight_smile: (j/k)

Doesn’t windows have a “your username\program settings” (or something to that effect) it should be in there, if not, you can make one in that folder.

in the console, did it tell you that it wrote the ini file or not?

oh, I know what the problem is!
Download a disrtibution of linux. And just install over your Win xp instalation. (j/k)

Wrong you just have to download from make human then extract all then when you start up make human and when it says load base mesh look in the file you just download and there is something called base.mesh

i have downloaded and selected the base.mesh file but nothing happens

in the blender command window it says

starting makehuman1.8a
imported from text buffer…
imported from text buffer…
imported from text buffer…
problem to retrieve ini file
mainpath from ini file: none
no ini file

.ini is a hidden file type by default, you’ll need to change your search to ‘more advanced options’ and click ‘search hidden files and folders’


still no makehuman.ini file

is it posable to manually make one

Sure just open a new text file

and enter

C:\Path o\mh180targetslib - folder

using whatever the actual path is.

where do i put it?

I think in the same location as your .blend file.

Also there should be another backslash after folder, hence

C:\Path o\mh180targetslib - folder\


i made the ini file but it still does not work

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