Make Human Import Script 2.5 Gobo rig


sorry for the large image, this is the result of importing a make human file .mhx (mh’s own file format) rig & everything is automatically build also.
Thanks to Thomas Larsson for his great work on the script so far.
The rig is now from the Gobo Rig by tleave2000

Here’s the script & 2 example .mhx files
Simply put the script in the .blender/scripts/addons folder.
Activate the script in User Preferences > Add Ons >Import:Make Human
Then File > Import like the image above.
This script is in development & has known issues.
Have fun, it’s good anyway & quite an advanced script.

You can get a nightly build of Make Human,
This is like the graphicall for Make Human.
Recent builds will be more compatible with scripts they are bundled with.
in the importers/mhx/blender2.5x folder you will find the
open this file in the text editor, run script, import your .mhx (saved from make human)
the .mhx you save will be in //documents/makehuman/exports

there’s still a few bugs, but hey, there is in blender too. :wink:

enjoy. this is very good stuff!

does it import hair?

no, not hair atm.
although it think i remember some mention of it.
imo, blender’s hair is better & if/when particle presets are in blender it may be quite easy to work them into the script.
but i’m not sure of the exact plans yet.

Kewl! Superawesome!

this is great news! I can’t wait to try it out when I get home.

I gave it a shot and it is indeed awesome.
They recently updated to a new rig (called ‘gobo’ I think).
I haven’t got the new rig working but I noticed they did a bugfix yesterday and I’ll try that.

example script & .mhx files in first post.