Make Human problem Ubuntu 11.04

Hey guys, new here,

So I could not register on the Makehuman forum since they had a awful captcha system… Anyway I got Makehuman for windows and it works fine but on Ubuntu 11.04 it just does not work. You load it and nothing functions you basically cannot do anything. Can’t move camera nothing! Anyone had this problem before?

I use blender 2.58 on Ubuntu and that works fine…

My guess is that you are running Unity 3D. For some reason it blocks editing in various applications. Try logging in with “Classic Ubuntu”. I’ve just tried running MakeHuman in it and it works fine.

the Make human debian needs python 2.6 which doesn’t seem to be linking properly with the deb from the make human site

Nightly build of MakeHuman works for me. Make sure you have libpython2.6 package installed. That’s where the required .so file lives.