Make human to blender bake uv map

Hi everyone,

i try to start a project in unreal engine so i want some human inside.

Short version: make human (4uv layer) => add clothe in blender (2 more uv layer) => go mixamo/unreal for the rest of the project

Unreal don’t reconize my 6 uv layer so i try to bake in 1 uv layer (uvglobal in the picture) but as you can see the baking didn’t going well.The uv of the character is bright and after bake it is completly dark.

So i if someone have an explanation i try to recreate this tutorial : but it’s not working for this makehuman object.


Maybe You Need To Change The Color Space Settings Under Color Management Tab, By Default It Comes With Filmic Color Space Try To Change That Into Standard Color Space, Then I Hope It Would Remain The Way You Want It To Be…Hope It Works…

Thanks for your reply.I try your solution but it does not work sadly :frowning:
I hope too someday it works :wink: