make human

How do I maintain a make human posture without the rigging? I have tried clearing the parent etc and it immediately resets to the rest pose. I’d like to have the mesh in the rigged posture without the parent. Is this possible?

you’ll need the “apply deformation” script… or something like that…

this was posted by toloban in the “what would we like for ~2.37~” thread

import Blender


ob_list = Blender.Object.GetSelected()
for ob in ob_list:
    if ob.getType() == "Mesh":
        name = ob.getName()

        new_name = name + "_deformed"
        num = 0
        new_mesh = Blender.NMesh.GetRawFromObject(name)
        mesh = Blender.NMesh.GetRaw(new_name)
        while mesh:
            num += 1
            new_name = name + "_deformed." + "%03i" % num
            mesh = Blender.NMesh.GetRaw(new_name)
        new_ob = Blender.NMesh.PutRaw(new_mesh, new_name)


        for group in groups:
          for vert in verts:


            new_ob = Blender.Object.Get(new_name)
            while 1:
                num += 1
                new_name = name + "_deformed." + "%03i" % num
                new_ob = Blender.Object.Get(new_name)


i hope this helps


Worked like a charm. If I didn’t have guys like you around to baby sit me I’d be dead in the water. Thanks a lot Delta [!]

The script is not by me, but by theeth. I shouldn’t have removed credits and license! :expressionless:

I just added a few lines to keep the deform weights which are lost with the original script.

Gracias toloban! Great tool and everylittle bit helps to make blender better.

Ouch…resist guys!
The 2.0 beta version will solve all these.
Another 2.0 alpha will be out soon…basically we must only complete the targets for new mesh and the graphics of new interface.


Don’t worry Manuel, Make Human has set it’s course in history and will always be one of my favorite tools. It amazes me every time I use it. It is a majestic work of art!

The version in CVS preserves vertex weight if possible (if subsurf is not on, if it is, it only copies weight groups name).


Theeth, I am humbly grateful for your expertise. Thanks for the work you did on the script.
Aw shucks, I might as well gush all over you and give you a big thanks for being such a great asset to the blender community.