Make Human

I need a Human Mesh to make some still images so i remembered the make human script. but at the moment, there is just the 2.0 pre release available on the make hume website an it doesn’t really work (or i’m to dump) When I start it, it shows the new gui and a human (which will fit my needs completely) but i dont get back to the “normal” blender interface.
Here my questions:
how can i use the human in blender(how can i quit the mh gui)
has anyone an older version of make human?
or has anyone a usefull free human model

The answer to one of the three questions will fit my needs

Thanks in advance

1> You can’t, at least not at this point. (You can DL the teeth from the MH website, tho :wink:
2> I do, but I’m on vacation so I can’t post it right now.
3> There’s a couple nice ones at, I think, and if you use a .max importer (or .lwo) you can use the ones from


Hi orbislacteu,

I was just about to post a topic relating to this very problem LOL.

I’m having the same troubles. I wanted to start a new project using the makehuman technology but their current release isn’t all that functional. I’m looking for the version where you had to execute the python script and it would give you sliders to control the strength of a particular target.

From what I remember, it also had an auto-rigging & UV layout feature which would also come in very handy with my project.

I’m convinced that I made a backup of that particular version but I have no idea where the cd could be. I’ll let you know if I find it.

This was from an old post by me


To save your changes, save your MH model in a different filename, then open a new Blender file and click append. open your MH filename and append the scene (scene 1). Click on scene in the top of the screen and change to 1.

Hope this helps

I have MakeHuman1.8 in my HD, but I don’t know where to upload it. If you are interested, I can e-mail it to you.

what better place than the official place if you want to find things? :wink:

The new MakeHuman forums

visit them :slight_smile:


the new makehuman is confusing
i downloaded the avi movie and it was blank did anyone get the instructional avi
i wanted the slider one too
i right clicked on 1.8 to get the slider screen and nothing

It’s probably better to make a new topic than to bump an old one.

But I did get the .avi and it’s working fine for me

or if you wanna just get the to normal blender screen hold down ctrl and press down then all the heading and panels will dissapear and right click on the side and split the panels