Make Human

I recently started using make human 0.9.1 RC1 when I export it to a .dae file which blender can then import. Everything is fine until I want to texture it or change the eye color. does any one have any advice?

use obj??? lol. I dont know. never exported as .dae so I dont know, but I do export as obj…the rare times I just need a static model and don’t want to waste time making a new one. And as far as I can remembeer I’ve never had an issue besides the size of the imported mesh lol. Remember…if you’ve got that default scene and you import (at least as obj…dont know about the others), jsut becasue you dont see your mesh doesn’t mean its not there. Try deleteing that cube lol.

try check that u don’t have two objects using the same texture

thanks for the advice that really helped me :smiley: