Make Image Texture from Procedurals?

Hello, I was hoping some of you could help me out…

What I’d like to do, is take whatever the current Texture(procedurals, images, material settings, ect) are on an object, and output it to an image file.

This could be either sphere/Cylinder mapped or possibly UV-mapped.

I recall a really old hack where you ortho render the whole object 1 horizontal pixel at a time, and rotate the object.

Then you take the little 1 pixel strips and join them together, and you have basically a “cyndrical” mapped image texture of whatever your object is.

I was hoping that with UV mapping and such there was an easier way of doing this.

I have many items that I have Procedural mapped, and i’d like to either convert them to image to use in another program, or in some instances I want to add my own details to the procedural map, and would like to edit it in an image program.


Select your object, go to the UV/Image Editor, UVs/Texture Baker, choose No Replace and pick the size you want the output image to be.

z3roD has a similar script that, while basically the same thing, extrudes the edges, so if your UV coords slop over the edge, it will be virtually unnoticable. Thanks to jms and z3roD for this uber cool script.

I couldn’t have sold it better myself

my script [in a .blend]

screenshot of results:

my post on jms’s thread: