Make it Precise - Blender Precise

This is just a teaser of my quick pic project called Precision

You can’t have anything other than this teaser.

It uses ripstings script and and all the works for graphic settings! Stay tuned for the final render (hopefully soon!) If you can see enough of what the image is to give C&C please say so!


I must say that I don’t understand your kind of behavior. Isn’t it for showing progress that the WIP forum exists? If it’s only for teasing, asking for potential C&C for the few ones that could guess what you’re about and showing nothing of your work, and moreover promising that only a very few will see your work before posting the final render, I’d say you better had to keep ‘silent’ and post in the Finished Works forum once done. The worst as much as the better renders can inspire more or less talented blenderheads in these forums, and I think that there’s no point to ‘copying’ except improving one’s skills. The principle of community hints to a another principle: sharing. It’s like you want to benefit from the community but not to participate to the community yourself.

You are afraid that someone could steal your ideas? If so, no tease, please. I think that your behavior tends to set a very few as an elite worthy enough to see your WIP and I must say this upsets me a little.

There’s no point in a post like this one, IMHO. :expressionless:

Sorry if I sound harsh, but it’s the way I feel right now after reading such a post.

edit: more than 90 views and no-one answered but me: perhaps others share my point of view about this kind of post.


I was just wondering what the poll has to do with this thread - nothing, in my opinion.

I didn’t take the teaser seriously, because I think a project based on an application’s demo mesh isn’t that much intuitive anyway ;).

LOL the only thing modelled was the damn round thing.

Whoopdey doooooooo

as simon off american idol would say.

“I met someone the other night who’s 28 years old, and he hasn’t worked a day since he left college because he’s pursuing a dream he’ll never, ever realize: He thinks he’s a great 3d artist. Actually, he’s crap. But nobody has said to him, ‘Why have you been wasting your time for eight years?’”


“My advice would be if you want to pursue a career in the CG business, don’t.”

LOL perhaps i should be nicer than everyone else. so take it as a joke


Why are we posting poll questions in the Work in Progress forum?

Also, I highly doubt the developers are looking to swap out Suzanne. It’s a moot question.

Say hey, it’s pretty obvious that Prince put his foot squarely in his mouth, but let’s not roast the poor fellow. :expressionless: Not too much, anyway.

Anyway, Prince… no one is going to go about stealing your work or ridiculing your ideas. (You insulted a few people even if you didn’t mean to, and touched some raw nerves, but let that roll by now and don’t fight fire with fire.) A “WIP” forum is exactly for this purpose, so use it to your advantage. It may well be, for example, that a more-experienced artist could take your idea and in just a few minutes re-create the work and do it much “better” and show you what she did differently. If, when presented with that, you can swallow your pride and your :< and your :frowning: … you can learn a lot, fast. Like nobody’s schoolhouse on earth, and the tuition is free.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution of those ideas is what you can learn, from anyone. You might not agree with the ‘instructor’ nor share her opinions. You might think she’s full of [email protected]@%#%!, but even so, you can learn something.

That’s what WIP is for.

sorry all i guess i could have concidered the consequences of giving a teaser and yet i had seen someone else do it too! It doesnt’ matter cause pride i can deal with and a gentleman always tries to be fair and kind so as a result i will post the image for all of you to see under the condition that i don’t want it copied untill i have finished as it is far from finished! This is just the first render of it!

As to the poll it was just a non related question concerning the prefab model. Whether it is going to be changed based on the poll i dont know but i was curious to see if anyone wanted a new one!

As to the modeling with a prefabricated model that is strictly a matter of opion. Many of the best have modeled using the monkey and this is just another one of those modeling jobs - I dont’ recall anyone flaming one of them for there work! Textures, and deformations of any model are considered a perfectly acceptable way to get started! Perhaps if you would give some a break seeing that they are newbies you’de… ah why am i defending myself - i have nothing to be ashamed of!

Here is your pic - i can’t win for losing!

agian i am sorry if i insulted any of you and i am sorry if this insults you as it was written in an attitude of humility and whether you take it as such is up to you! :wink:

Too dull IMO.
The grass looks funky with the striped looking texture it has.
The magnefying glass doesnt look like glass at all. And i dont think it should cast a shadow on suzzannes eye like that.
Also the metal on the magnefying glass needs to be set smooth and be auto smooth.

The fear of being copied is no reason to stop posting WIP scene of your current works. I don’t recall anyone has copied someone elses scene when it has been in WIP status. I might be wrong tough.

I’ve seen some works that have been given birth from inspiration given by finshied projects. And that I think is quite an honor.

But anyway, what comes to your current scene, I’m not gonna comment about it. I’ll wait it to be finished.

The rim of the magnifying glass is not smooth enough

Sorry to say, but turning on AO doesn’t automatically produce good lighting. You should add a key light to make it more interesting.

hhmm well i dont think i ever use ao well i dont know how lol erm but i like the zoom effect on the magnifying glass but the scene snt too great.

thankyou for all the tips and pointers and as i said this isn’t finished yet and i had already taken all of those points into concideration. I will add front left and back right lighting, the magnifying glass has smooth edges and the magnification is bigger. The grass will be textured, the sky will be changed, the monkey has already been modified.

also i think that it is aggreed upon that i clearly didn’t do a respectable thing but i would like to explain something to you all - at the time i posted that teaser that was all i had to show for this project! So to truly say that that wasn’t fair only showing us that till it is finished isn’t exactly true - i hadn’t seen a finished version yet either! I had just gotten a render done (35 minutes) before posting that new render and the friends i showed it to first had already commented and so i was going to then post it here just after refining a few points. I may have insulted a few people by saying i’ll show it to a selected few first but honestly that doesnt’ give you all a right to insult me concerning the actions of being friendly to a small groupe of freinds and doing the nice thing of giving them a first shot at critiquing it! Now enough said - i rather move on! :wink: Again sorry if i insulted anyone.

aw dont flatter yourself. The chances of you being copied, especialy by anyone in this forum is highly unlikely. Mostly because they cant post their artwork here without the rest of us saying ‘um…didnt prince do that one?’

“the don’t copy it was” an exuse as already mentioned - i wouldn’t flatter myself (i know good and well that i am no match for anyone!) Also i meant do copy the idea until i am finished as i thought it might take me some time! Now i’ll have an upate in a while so could we just drop it all!

Here it is so far untouched:

Here is a little post production to make the maginifying glass more asthetically apealing although not actually realistic:

I only have bmp so it isn’t like i could add anti aliasing around the eye so that will have to do it! C&C or is it finished? :wink:

I like the untouched one better than the PP’d one. It is cleaner, and it gets the point across. Is he observing how well someone mowed his lawn? Even so the grass size shouldn’t be so uniform.

i also prefer the first one. if you want the warpage to be cleaner you could try turning up the size of the nor texture.

yes that is the idea that he is so maticulous at cutting the grass he checks it with a maginifying glass! As far as the images go i too like the first one better as it is more realistic! The sky needs a better image but i couldn’t find any that i liked enough! The cut grass is suppose to be the same as if it just got cut and the other isn’t. I want to add the final touches of his hands holding the magnifying glass and a pair of scissors! Till then thanks!