Make It Real - Radical Notion - music video

Hi there,
I want to present to you my little animation to a music video of my lovely band, and great friends :slight_smile: .
Ladies and Gentelman, Radical Notion:


It started with my friends asking me to do some easy short animation loop with bright colors wandering around. And I delivered!! A little bit too much, much over deadlines, still unfinished.
Whole video was a test how easy it would be to use the whole pipeline in Blender. And I must say it did great. There is a lot I would fix, change and finish, but there was no time for that.


  • I’ve started by putting the music into sequencer, and placing markers on main parts of the song.
  • Then I’ve sketch an idea of what can happen in each stage.
  • after that i made simple rock, and tested out how blocky animation would feel in this. It feel to fast for changing cameras, and to slow animation. I’ve decided, that cutting (camera change) will be made every 4 steps, and that will make a rythm. In oposition, the rock would spin really slow, totally out of the song momentum.
  • Then I’ve started searching for a rock shape with the big help of rock generator. (then due to the fact I needed it in high resolution I wanted later make retopology, and add some better parametric texturing, normals, and displacement… but i ened up in the raw rock generator product. which was problematic in later stage).
  • Now it was time for particle simulation. I’ve put basic elements in order and some fields. Was working on materials and shading too here.
  • I’ve go back to sequencer then. This time I’ve put a marker on each “rythm” moment, to have some basic idea when camera will change, final product looked like that:
  • I’ve realized on this stage that I need more content so on bridge in the end I’ve decided to go with Star Treck transformation with big help of some video tutorials (i hate video tutorials, forums are much better… but this one was perfect, will update the post with the link).
  • That when the problems appeared, the stone transformed into the Crystals… So with detailed rock mesh, and booleans… it ended up with some glitches… and the band loved it! :open_mouth: So am I. Now I would make them more polymorphic rather than dissapearing, but there was no time for that then.
  • Somwhere now I’ve had all in palce, and viewport proxys in sequencer, I’ve placed small subtitles, to mach perfect with the composition.
  • Big render time! On my mashine, while asleep.
  • The band wants bigger text - ok then… it is about the music right? :smiley: - unfortunately I’ve didn’t listened to them eariler, and I could make the font bigger in the beggining so I could adjust composition of the rock and text in the video better. But… there was no time for that :P.
  • the end.
  • When I watched it in yt I forgot about postpro, colorscorrection etc… During the process I was also missing time for creative decissions, as if the background should stay black the whole time? I’started with pure grey background and black text. But when I rendered intro somwhere in the middle of the process I’ve realized it could be more interesting, but then again, particles wouldn’t lit the rock so nice in EEVEE. :wink: :wink: