make it so object is bone's parent

I basically have some mesh objects, and each has an ipo. Then an armature object with a bone for each mesh object. Basically I want the ipo to be transfered to the bone.

The method i was going to try was a a copy location, and a copy rotation constraint on each bone. The problem was unlike making something a parent, these copy constraints require that the bone at rest (not the Armature object) have the same rotation as the object. How can I copy an object rotation to the bone, or make the object a parent instead of copy rot/loc?

Armatures are Not rendered so why would you need the Bone to be a child of the Object? There is no way to make that relationship; the Object can only be a Parent of the Armature Object.


I was wondering how to make a bone copy an object’s rotation, either applied to the rest position, or in the way a parented object works, and not the way the copy rotation constraint works.

There’s no way I know of, using the interface, to select a Bone, in Edit or Pose mode, and then Shft-select (actually Ctrl-Alt-RMB) an Object and keep the bone selected. It can be done with Python; like the old .bvh script imported Empties with IPO’s and these empties were the Parents of the Tips of the bones and could impart Loc and Rot.


There’s a new “child of” constraint in SVN that might help you. It’s useful for having a character pick up an object (object is temporarily made a child of a bone while it’s being picked up) or interact with another rigged character/object. Being a constraint, you can also apply it to bones.

thanks, that’s a possibility.