Make layers for different objects?help anyone?

Hi ,Im J

If you guys ever used photo shop you know what layers do.I’m curious with blender.The problem is that Im making clothes for a character of mine and I don’t want to confuse things since i have two things there already.

I have the mesh and the rigging in the mesh.

Is there any way i can make the clothes a different layer so that it wont confuse things and when I’m rendering i just make it visible? that would be really useful. I basically want to make a private layer containing only the clothes.

What do you pros think?

Hello GXP10, like you I had that same question and after digging through a lot of google searches I found that if you press P while selecting a mesh in edit mode, you can separate it from the current object and make it a new object. This is for Blender 2.49.

Now when you make the clothes a new object, they will be in the same layer as the character. You can move the clothes to another layer by pressing selecting the piece of clothing that you want to move, and pressing Shift + M in Object Mode.

To join 2 objects into the same mesh, you select the objects you wish to merge, and press Ctrl + J.
I hope this helps, and keep in mind I’m a beginner as well so please save a copy of your work just in case.

You only need press m to move. I say this cause it is easy for me . I like the one key commands .

I think what you want to do is to assign Vertex Groups to different parts of object that need to be switched on or off. Just pick Vertex Groups that need to be hidden or shown. Hummm, it works fine in Edit mode but not in Object Mode though.

:)how do you do that?

Maybe these keys still works for 2.5 i updated my blender,thnx ill try it out

Tried it it works thnx