Make Light only affect one Object

I have a blender setup with an object in the middle and a “hallway” made of full reflecting Material (Like a mirror). I also have a area Lamp. Is there a way to make the light only affect the Object and not be reflected by the mirrors around, but the light that hits the Object still does? I want to make it, so just the Object is reflected by the mirrors and not the light source.
Does anyone knows how to do that?

(Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, I’m from Germany)

In Cycles, or in Eevee?

If Cycles, you could replace your area lamp with an emission mesh and mix emission with transparency on the basis of light paths/is singular ray (assuming you have 0 roughness or “sharp” roughness model on your mirrors but not on your main object.)


I don’t know why but it doesn’t work.
I want only the hand to be illuminated by the light source, but at the moment the light source is visible and reflected by the mirrors around.
Thats how it looks now:
(The Material Preview:
I want the Light source to be invisible and just have influence on the Hand and make it look like a Mirror cabinet

I posted a reply to this thread Unable to find tutorial to keep light from reflecting off object with an example file showing how to have a light affect only some part of the scene. I don’t know if you will find it useful

Do I got it right?:
You used a Sphere that is shown in one layer and another Sphere that emits black light in the other layer to add a shadow. The sphere is illuminated by a sun and the other light sources that also illumination the room.
My problem is, that I can’t use any light source in my room because they would be reflected by the mirror materials. So is there any way to make a scene or a collection influence another collection by emitting light, while the other layer/collection reflects that light into a third layer? So that the first layer sends its light into the second layer with the Hand inside and the Layer with the Hand inside sends the reflected Light to the layer with the mirrors? So that at the end only the Hand but not the light source is visible in the mirrors?

At the moment my project looks like this:

Is this what you want? The lights, in the Object tab under Visibility/Ray Visibility have glossy unchecked, so they don’t reflect. i made the material of the cube metallic with no roughness to reflect teh sphere.

lights.blend (659.1 KB)

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Thank you very much!