Make Lightsaber Illuminate other Objects

I recently created my first lightsaber and it’s illumination largely comes through Nodes (I almost entirely followed the steps given by Jonathan Williamson here at BlenderCookie.)

But, obviously, this doesn’t illuminate any other Objects in the scene. It would be great if the Material > Emit actually…emitted, but that doesn’t lighten anything else, obviously. So does anybody have suggestions on how to make the lightsaber illuminate other objects in the scene, as in this screencap of Yoda’s face being illuminated by his lightsaber?

Enabling Indirect Lighting in the world settings will enable the materials emit to cast light on other objects, not shadows but that can be faked if required with a lamp set to cash shadows only

Yeah, that’s looking good (just a test Scene!). Thanks Richard Marklew.

There, the Emit is up to 8.00, and the Cylinder is obviously looking bleached out. Do you have any suggestions on how an Object (here, the Cylinder) could be set to only illuminate its Emit? That way, what I would do is:

  1. Have the original lightsaber with all its normal settings
  2. Duplicate the lightsaber but have the Emit Material and Indirect Lighting set-up for this one
  3. Make the dummy lightsaber (above) only Render its glow, not the Material.

Or do you have another process to suggest?

I think I found a solution for the issue mentioned above: Set the color and the Emit to a Texture. Turn the Material to full Transparency (Transparency > Z Transparency > Alpha 0.00; Specular = 0.00). But crank the Texture’s Emit really high (I believe the figure must be entered manually as you can only slide it up to 2.00 or something). Then, make that Alpha 0.00, too, and it’s Color 0.00. So it should be totally invisible but still Emitting the color.

As far as the Texture, I just used Noise. Don’t know whether there’s a better choice there.