Make Live/Curve on Surface in 2.57?

(Apologies if this is obvious, comparative n00b here, but all of my google searches are coming up dry)

I would like to create some curves which will “stick” to the surface of a mesh. The drill I’m used to in Maya is to make the mesh live, then start laying down curve control points on the surface.

I’ve written my own libraries which can do projection, intersection and closest point queries, so I can roll my own curve on surface functionality, but I would much prefer to use any built-in functionality.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!



Shrinkwrap modifier
Snapping tools (magnet icon on 3dview header)

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Perfect. Thanks for that, Richard.


You could also draw upon the surface of your mesh using Grease Pencil and then convert your Grease Pencil drawing into a curve.