Make "Live" surface

Is there a way of making a surface “Live” in Blender? It is a feature offered in Maya, which is useful for drawing curves for motion path animation, of a train moving along tracks for eg. If a landscape is made Live, then any objects you move, or curves you draw get stuck to the live surface. I found it a useful feature, and would like to know if Blender has an equivalent tool.

IIRC, Harkyman has a script that does just that. Works with meshes though, not surfaces.

For path animation, just parent the objects to the curve path or use a FollowPath constraint.


Theeth, can you please post a URL or the name of that script.

it’s called ‘follow terrain’.

Very great scripts ; and we may use RVK on Ground-Object hehehehe :smiley:
Excellent !!!