"Make Local" bug?

Has anyone run into this before? If you have a character blend file with a mesh and rig object assigned to a Group, and you have a separate “scene” blend file that Links the character group and proxies the rig, you can animate the character just fine. However, in order to render on the renderfarm.fi render farm, I used the SHIFT+L command to make everything local.

Two issues arose from that. Firstly, it auto-saved my file, destroying my non-local version of the file (luckily it was backed up)! Secondly, all characters that had a proxy rig got broken. I now have an armature object that is animated properly, and a separate empty that is duplicating a group that seems to not exist anywhere in the scene (the character’s mesh). Also, the character’s mesh group is no longer associated with the rig, completely breaking the animation.

Is there any way to fix the scene such that I can convert it to local models for submitting to the render farm? And, is this an actual bug in Blender that should be reported?