Make Love Not War /// Animated Stereogram Magic Eye

This is true forever! Stop all the aggression, stop the war! Stop all sanctions, stop useless hate!

2020 starts with a flash back by some 25 years to the time of magic eyes, but it looks pretty nice in a video format :slight_smile:
I forgot to post this here back when I originally posted it. It is very “inspired” by the US violently killing General Soleimani at that time.

To see the hidden image you have to look “through” the monitor you are watching to on, to focus your eyes one something way beyond the monitor. When watching on a smartphone focus on the ground while holding it in your hand, when watching on a normal PC monitor something 10-20m behind the monitor should be in focus (I hope you have a window nearby). Once you see it on a monitor it is best viewed from around 1,5m (60 inches) away from the screen, that damn thumb is coming so close it throws me out of the illusion sometimes too…

Video & Music: Toxic Tuba

find my previous animation here:

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