'Make-Manifold' trouble vn. 2.8 and higher

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the ‘Make Manifold’ button in the ‘3D Printing’ tab in Blender 2.8. I’ve been struggling with manifold on a current model and while Blender 2.8’s ‘make manifold’ would repeatedly delete most of the model while attempting to make it manifold, working with it in Blender 2.79, I am able to get better results. (using the ‘carve’ method as oppose to ‘Bmesh’)
Is Blender development moving away from 3D print capabilities? Are there better fixes?

I am familiar with the following steps to improve manifold:

  • Apply location + rotation and scale.
  • making each piece of a complex model, manifold on its own before ‘union’ or ‘difference’ modifier is applied.
    -Set origin to geometry for each
  • changing the overlap threshold in the Boolean modifier (2.80)