Make Mantis

Hi guys!
Some of you know some tutorials to make Mantis?

Thanks :wink:

Sorry, but what is mantis? (Mantis Religiosa)

Ahhh, I love praying mantis… I had one that was always at my door in the am. I also had about a 1/6 th acre I couldnt mow because it was home to zillions of the little critters (made the cats crazy, they couldnt follow the green ones). You could look at one bush and see them from the tiny white stage to the huge 5 inch long green stage.

Since they kinda look like leaves with legs, maybe you could start there?

I’ve make it! :smiley:

Her tail needs to be a bit flatter and longer to match the body and face shorter, smaller from nose to eyes. And from the body to the first joint on the front legs needs to be much longer.

Great job!

And welcome to blender artists! Why are you making a mantis?

Thank you masternave! :slight_smile:
I’m making a Web Agency and this Mantis will be my logo! ;D