Make Materials look more realistic

Hey friends I’m pretty new to blender and I try to model a fictitous DJ CD-Player. This is my first project that looks quite good in comparison to my other models.

I need some help with my materials:

1)Do you have so tips how I can make them look more realistic? For example the material of the body should look more like this one

  1. do you know how to make the blue ring around the wheel shining blue? (like this )

  2. How can I get such a transparent und lightning buttons (play/cue button)?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

For the most part, it looks convincing now. (There are a few sharp edges that might need a bevel, but you have to look close to see them.)

I’d suggest that you composite-in just a little more lighting detail, especially on the right hand side. Maybe just a whisper of colored reflection as thought light were bouncing off those CDs and giving a little light there. (Note that you do not have to simulate the light actually doing that, and you don’t have to re-render the scene.)

Even when an object is “pure white” or “solid black,” you really want the pixels in those areas to be light or dark mid-tones. And “white” areas, especially, might be given just a hint of color, as though the photographer had put “gels” in front of the lights.

What you might be seeing as, “I need to improve my materials,” might actually be, “this is not quite how a professional product-photographer would photograph this for a catalog or a brochure.” If you are comparing the two, you might be seeing some of the very subtle things that a pro photographer would add to the shot: you notice them only because they’re not yet present in your render … but you can’t quite put your finger on it.