Make Me Your Apprentice

Hi, My name is XNitro-10 (notice 10 is in roman numerals). I have just completed a course in python that covers everything from variables to OOP.

I understand programming very well and have been writing interpreter based code for a while now.
I am to start programming in the BGE as my interest lies in not necessarily designing but Developing code for games. That said I want anyone with sufficient knowledge and who feels they might need me as an apprentice when they start projects, to take me under them and educate me in the field they’d like me to help them in in the near future. It might be for simple things like interface programming to Character Behaviour and AI as long as it involves using the BGE API

I’ve sent you a PM (or will shortly)

I will not make you my apprentice, as I don’t know everything, but if you need help with rigid bodies, rag dolls, mechanical systems, or any non-python blender stuff that is what I have tinkered with the most :slight_smile:

Do you want to learn to model + texture + code?
I can also help solve many problems using logic,
and can solve just about any using PsuedoCode (though I can’t write python that well @ all)

I think we all have our own little box of tricks, the hard part is getting all of us to play nicely together,

warning, the following post includes off-topic:

dude do you even read what you write?
you said you dont know python, but you want to teach him python? also, in many other posts you said you dont know how to texture, and you want to teach him that aswell?
also, sorry for the offtopic here