Make models from vector art

I don’t use Blender, but had this software installed ready to learn. So far don’t I have make or learn anything, but I have tried to learn and it’s not so easy.

Actually are I graphic design and use Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and such software.

Now will I try use Blender with vector work from Illustrator to make it more deep-feeling in graphic work. I had ask some of my blender friend and try explain what I really want to do with vector work in blender. So far don’t I got any good tutorials or how-to-do document about it.

So I draw a simple example about what I will do with vector work. I’m sure it better if I visuals it instead write it because my english is not good enought. And of course can’t I speak 3D languages. (check pictures)

Hope some can help me.


Take a look at this thread, similar ideas :

You would use your drawing as a “background” image and then “trace over it” by adding vertices, faces, etc.


I know about this solutions,but also are it not possible to work with exist vector work?

I do know the point with possible to import vector files in Blender if it can’t use to modelering it to 3D?

I think from what I’ve read that you need to export out from Adobe Illustrator into a SVG format for the best results . I noticed that Blender will import Paths including AI files but like I said above if you can export out from AI into the SVG format it appears you get less problems from what I hear .

And if none of that made any sense to you :

  1. With Blender open go to File-> Import-> Paths and select the file you want to import .
  2. Your vector art should appear in Blender as curve objects . If you want to edit them some more you can (with your paths selected) Tab into Edit Mode to change your object .
  3. If you want to do something like what your drawing indicates ; in Object mode hit the hotkey combo Alt C to convert into a mesh object . Then Tab into Edit Mode and hit hotkey A to select all (when selected the lines should be white and vertices orange) and hit hotkey E to extrude . You can limit the direction of the extrusion by hitting either the X,Y or Z keys after hiting the E key to extrude .

But apparently there are problems with the importing of Paths into Blender . So you might have better luck playing around with the curves and vertices in Blender itself first and then trying to figure out how to import your current vector art into Blender . The curve object in Blender isn’t very sophisticated but you do get the option of using Bezier curves so you might first try creating “vector art” in Blender and get used to the UI and learn some basics and when you do you can start lurking around the Python & Plugins section of the forum and start looking for a better Paths importer to get written …

Great! Thank you so much Vertex Pusher! It’s what I want to do with my vector work!

I’m new to this program. I’m running an Intel-based mac. I seem to be having trouble importing paths in any format. I’ve tried svg and have updated to Python 2.5.

I have found several resources providing code to do this, however I’m a bit confused as to what it’s doing, where it goes and if I need to go through and tweek it for my particular file.
I am not a programmer; should it be this complex to import simple paths?

if the drawings you trying to import are simple then it’s probably faster to do it in blender then to import!

anyway it’s your model you sleect the best technic for your own needs