Make NodeTree Respond To Object or World Context?

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a custom node tree respond to World or Object context?

When Cycles is active it displays world and object buttons.

When I use a custom tree those buttons do not exist.

Is there a way to make my custom nodetree display those missing buttons?

Is that some kind of polling option?

do you have small example script!

it looks that custom nodes creates it’s own tree which is not part of material tree or world tree!

I mean the tree for custom is by itself independent of mat or world!

happy bl

do you have small example script!

You can just use the example nodetree script under the Templates menu of the text editor if you like.

I am trying to emulate what Cycles does for a custom render exporter. This means I need a way to specify world shaders and object based shaders. This may not be possible at this time but I thought I would ask.

I tested the example and ran it
and I can see a new icon added on bottom header of node editor
but don’t see any nodes in nodes editor!

if you click on the checkerboard icon on bottom header you can see the other mat and world icon!
but that does not show how to add custom node to either one!

happy bl