Make object-hair particle inherit the color of it's emitter's texture. (INTERNAL)

Welcome and thank you for your time.

I’m trying to make simple, styalized grass, and am trying to use billboards with an alpha mask over them, seeded as hair particles over a mesh.

Problem is, grass isn’t a singe color, and tends to change in hur and saturation every so often.

If I UV map a texture onto the emittor-mesh, can I assign the color of the spawned hair object-particle to the part of the texture it was emitted from?

In Cycles this would just be a matter of playing with a texture coordinate node, but since I’m useing internal, I don’t have that option. It can easily be done with hair as seen below, but I don’t know how to do it with objects.

*Also, yes, I’m using internal. Don’t be “That guy” and tell me the solution is to do it in EEVEE. The question is “how to achieve this in Internal”. If you want to buy me a computer that can run Cycles or internal, I’d be more than happy to switch over, but until then, I’m stuck with internal. :wink: *

(Blender version 2.79)