make objects truly solid

im trying to make a bike chain in a game but when i add more than a few links the links slip though each other like it was too heavy or something. ive been messing with all the different collision options for awhile and i cant figure it out. ive searched the internet and i cant find anything. is there a way to make the links of the chain solid so that they never slip though each other? any help would be great. thanks

i posted this in the news and disscusions section but after looking around the forums it seems like this is where i should have posted it. sorry

Use constraints. Blender can only do convex objects for collisions. But, if your making a bike game, I wouldn’t suggest having dynamic chain links. You won’t see it up close and it’ll just slow down your game.

which constraint would you suggest? ive tried a few of them but i dont think i used them right.

the chain isnt for a bike. its a chain like that but im using it for a robotic arm with gears as the motors.

never mind. i figured it out. thanks though