Make one blender object connect with other object as one.

I assumed it would be time saving to make character faces in one blender file and the body in another blender file only to combine then as one entity later. Is it possible to still conbine these seperate parts as one body (one object)?

Hi, yes it is.

Create part one of model in it’s own .blend file. Then create part 2 of model in it’s own .blend file.

Now use Append function to import part 1 into part 2’s .blend file.

With part 2 file open, press SHIFT+F1 to open the append dialogue.

Locate the Part 1 .blend file and left click it.

Left click the Objects folder, then the mesh you want to import.

Click Append button.

Part 1 will now be in part 2’s .blend file.

To join both meshes together, select Part 1 then part 2 and press CTRL+J.

Hope this helps,


Even after 3 (small- I swear) glasses of wine I was able to do this. Thank you for your help. I feel a great influence to feed your monkey.

Checked out your website. Very cool renders- not sure how your able to do that. Thank you for sharing.