Make Operator Panel stop disappearing?

Okay, so, in the old Blender 2.6/2.7 UI the Operator Panel was a permanent part of the default toolbox UI on the left side. Very important word there. Permanent. Permanent. No matter what you did, the thing would stay there on the left side toolbar.

In the 2.8+ UI the fidgety little garbage toad hides in a slide up menu and keeps disappearing on me after everything I do. It makes doing certain things like extruding vertices, deselecting all by hitting A, selecting another vertex with right click, pressing Numpad . to center the camera on the other vertex, and then continue precise tweaking the translation of the previous vertices impossible. As it currently is I end up doing the edit, going through the process of re-centering the camera, and then I have to hit CTRL+Z to completely undo the mesh edit I just did before redoing it to being the Operator Panel back up. This, instead of just letting me pick back up where I left off by keeping the operator panel open and a permanent part of the UI instead of a floating window that disappears like a dad saying he’s just going out to pick up some milk.

Can someone please tell me how to make the Operator panel a permanent part of the UI so it stops disappearing like this?

I’m not sure what you are calling Operator Panel?? Maybe look here ?? If you mean the redo last function (see keymap) : the overlay for this was on F6 and is now in F9 but anyway the old permanet way also was context dependend on the left T-panel and now shows as overlay at the lower left corner if selecting the new operation per key or mouse or by F9.

The thing is, pressing F9 only brings back the Operator Panel (I think they call it the Adjust Last Operation Panel now) if you haven’t done anything else immediately afterward like right clicking to select a new vertex or clicking into a different window. Which is a problem, because it makes working in small tight spaces where you need absolute precision since you can’t hide faces very slow and arduous. The old Operator Panel was context specific, yes, but because it was a permanent part of the UI it still stayed there even if you moved the mouse away or selected something different. It’s even more annoying pressing F9 to get the Adjust Last Operation Panel because it shows up with the top left corner the floating window where your mouse is and makes it disappear again if you move the mouse outside of the floating window, which you’re prone to do because it’s in the top left corner. There’s an outer buffer zone of about eight pixels before it disappears, but that’s tiny with a high DPI mouse and a high resolution monitor. It’s all really affecting my workflow.