Make Particle Emitter Only Emit At Certain Frames

Well, I am trying to animate a scene with a automatic gun in it. I need some way to use particles for the flash at the end of the barrel. But I don’t want to create a new emitter for every flash. Is there a way I can make the emitter only emit particles every 5 or so frames?

you could use sprites
or you could use the ipo to control the emitter

How do you control particle emissions with IPO? Thats what i have been trying to do

Set your Sta and End to like 50 and 100, which is two seconds of video. If you want the gun to fire off at 5 rounds per second, x 2seconds = 10 particles. So enter 10 into the Amount field.

You can animate the Time ipo of the object, but only directly in the Ipo window (select “Time” with LMB, than Ctrl-LMB in the Ipo window to insert keys).

Would be interesting if you could use an animated texture for that… should work but I haven’t tried it yet.

How do you do sprites? Im not even sure what those are

I m having the same problem, need my emitter to emit in different moments (the same amount during the same time but starting and ending in a different frame).

or, by adding and animating the “E_Freq” particle ipo to the emitter.

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