Make Particles and movement real?

I know that I can make a frame of particles real (for distributing stuff in a landscape). But can I make a whole simulation real? That is retaining all the emission and movement.

The reason I need this, is to apply a global texture across all the duplicated objects (that currently just use the derived source’s space). I can’t figure that out when they are all dupes.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can make the particle objects collision types (or boid type particles) then make them interact with physics of another object like cloth. Then I wouldn’t have to make them real, just apply distortion to the wrapped cloth…

Have you tried using self-collide? That might work with cloth.


apply a global texture across all the duplicated objects

I’m not sure what camera angles you need, but material projection might work to achieve this.

You can also try the single particle object trick. Make an emitter that generates a single particle that lives forever. Then have the emitter use the landscape as an object based particle.

Bullet is now also available for graphicall builds.