Make particles getting smaller over time in 2.5

Hello everybody,

is it somehow possible to decrease the size of particles over their life time in Blender 2.5? So that they get smaller according to their individual age?

I only found tutorials how to do this in 2.49 (like this one: ), but that doesn’t seem to work in 2.5.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you!


Under Physics / Size, press the key I on the size and adjust the value accordingly to your needs. You’ll find the parameter created in the F-Curve editor. As far as I know, that’s what you can do currently about particle size.

It would be nice to modify the size of the particles using the curve interpolation, so you could have like a C profile, D profile, Y profile and so on, but that’s not possible from my understanding.

Hi phoenixart,

thanks for your reply.
I think by the method you described I can only change the size of all particles at the same time, which is not what I need. I need to change the size of each individual particle depending on it’s age.

So this is not possible in Blender 2.5? That’s odd since this is one of the most essential particle functions, I think. :frowning:


I see, sorry I haven’t looked at the tutorial I’m in a hurry… Yes, maybe the billboard isn’t come back yet in the 2.5. Hope someone else can give more hints about it.

Yeah, who would think of making a particle system without age?

What I discovered, while writing the APE script for Blender 2.49 is that the actual age of the particle is kept internal, in memory. The system is just not using it correctly. If you are not stuck on using Blender 2.5 you could try out my APE script (Atom’s Particle Extensions) for Blender 2.49. The link is in my signature.