'Make paths relative' failed

Hi everyone,

I realize a similar topic was posted some time ago but the issue was not resolved.
I’m working with a team on a large project (still secret, sorry!) over Dropbox, which we use to store our shared textures. All of the textures in my Blend files are in the same folder on Dropbox. I’m fairly new to using relative file paths, but when I use

File > External data > Make all paths relative

Blender returns a message telling me that 15 files failed to be made relative, with only one successfully being changed. The log recorded in the text editor shows me which files failed the ‘make relative’ process, and they are all present and current files in the Dropbox directory, which I and everyone else on my team can access without a problem. Are there any known bugs which can cause this error? Could there have been a mistake I’ve made to cause the problem?

  • Mitch

Hello Mitch,
I came across this post while looking for help with my slightly different problem.
Attempting to render a project using a render farm. Every time I click External>make paths relative, I get a message like yours.
I noticed the date of your post and was wondering/actually assuming (if) you found a fix for your problem.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem!

Same problem here.
Seems like a renderfarm just isn’t gonna work.
After finally understanding the workaround for the non-packing IES files, I stumble across that - and that’s 192 out of 402 files…

Any solutions so far? Looks like all files spread across 2 cloud drives cannot be made local.