Make people see you as completely different from who you are (at least online)

This tells of a new technology from Logitech that uses head tracking technology to give your head or what facing the computer a completely different look, if you send video over the internet you can use this to give yourself goofy glasses, elvis eyebrows, or even a full virtual makeover like the alien figure farther down in the story that for example, winks its eyes and moves its lips when you do.

(Note this is only online and not real genetic transformation(but you may be able to fool plenty of people;) ))

Now I wonder if this technology can be used to make yourself appear different anywhere using a wearable device that uses special glasses, that way you can make it seem like everyone has goofy sombreros of their heads:D

that would be so fun.

i wish it is coming out one day.

i don’t think it can be that hard to make.(for profetionals),crid=2354&categoryid=446
Here is the webpage from the Logitech website (since Technovelgy is down). Don’t forget to check out the short video.,CRID=2366,camera=0,effecttype=10346,category=0,company=0,startrow=1,viewall=1
(list of current avatars to choose from(if you have a compatable camera(also depends on CPU power)))

Great…now I’ll be able to look EVEN MORE like an alien.

The only bad news I see is that right now you can’t create your own content due to the complexity. I would think it would get a lot more popular if they release the software they use to create content.