Make Picture Shorter?

I simply want to make my render shorter in width. When I change the render size it grows in height. I want the render size shorter and I do not want to zoom in. How do I accomplish this? Thank you guys.

Just change the top number.

In your example, change the X Dimension as you have done already from 480 to 360. Then select your camera, go to the camera tab in the properties panel, and change sensor size from the default of 32 to 24.

In case you are wondering, 360/480=75% of the original. 75% of 32=24.

@see360 Hey I tried this but it did not work. I believe it is because my camera is in orthographic view. What do you think?

Oh, yes, that would do it. Sensor size doesn’t affect the view in orthographic mode. Instead, change Orthographic Scale from the default of 7.314 to 5.485 (360/480=75%, or 7.314*360/480=5.4855).

@see360 Thanks so much your the best, its working great now!

Good to hear it :slight_smile: