Make plane always face camera?

Hi, basically it is what the title says, I have several smoke planes which should always face the camera; I do not know if I should use halo or billboard, I used the last one instead(do not know if I should), but the plane does not face the camera, it seems the plane is facing the negative of the Z-axis instead. How I could fix that? Or the billboard/halo thing is a waste of time and I should do it by python instead

Note which I cannot use actuators for that, and the plane should recognize active camera switch(a camera become active and other lose this status).

Thanks for any help.

You must turn the Plane in Edit Mode first. I think it must face +X.


Strange, I edited it to face the +Y and did a 90 degrees rotation in the X axis and it worked; but doing the same to in object mode has had no effect.

Thanks for the help C.A.ligári

Ô, that is because in Object Mode you just rotate the Object, and that will have no Effect when Billboard already gives a permanent Rotation toawards the Camera to the Object. In Edit Mode you change the Mesh itself. Always a basic Rule: When Object Rotation doesn’t work, probably the basic Mesh is turned the wrong Way, and that can only be changed in Edit Mode.

Oh, I see now; thanks C.A.ligári