Make plane face camera?

Is there a simple way to make a planes face (the simple object, not an airplane) point exactely towards the camera?
I dont mean to follow it, just to set the rotation of the plane once so that its surface (exactely) is facing the camera.

Using PyroGXPilot’s file, if you don’t want to keep the Track To constraint you can select the plane, Ctrl+A -> Visual Transform. Now you can remove the constraint.

Alternatively (without using constraints at all) you can:

  1. Go into camera view (numpad 0)
  2. Set the Transformation Orientation (Alt+Spacebar) to ‘View’
  3. Select the plane
  4. Go into menu Object -> Transform -> Align to Transform Orientation.
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I think I accidently have applied a rotation to the plane… so the rotation values are the same as for the camera but still does not face it. I suppose there is no way of un-applying the rotation?

  1. Select the plane and go into edit mode, select all vertices.
  2. Shift + numpad 7 to align view to plane’s normal.
  3. Leave edit mode.
  4. Add an Empty and immediately hit F6 and tick ‘Align to View’ checkbox (or use the aforementioned procedure to align it).
  5. Parent the plane to that Empty (select plane, shift+select the Empty, Ctrl+P).
  6. Clear rotation on the Empty (select it, Alt+R).
  7. Select the plane, clear parent (Alt+P), choose ‘Clear Parent and Keep Transform’.
  8. Apply rotation to the plane (select it, Ctrl+A -> Rotation).
  9. Delete the Empty.