Make point following sculpt brush disappear when left click is used (Similar to Zbrush/Optional)

Hello guys I would like to create a discussion regarding a matter that concerns the new 2.81 sculpt brush update. Although the idea of an abrupt change in the main can be nice, there are somethings that makes this change a little challenging for some.

I believe this design is mainly inspired from sculpting programs like Zbrush which is indeed a great software, the main issue I have with the new update in 2.81 is optionality/ freedom to choose how the sculpt brush should look like.

The main thing that is somehow bothering me is the small point that follows that brush cursor.
I belive this can be disabled in Zbrush without entirely disabling the brush elements like the circle and the cursor. The user is not obliged to deal with this critical/integral part of the ui design.

Here is an example of how it can be done in Zbrush :

(Image source: @TheRedWaxPolice)